We’re Coming Back Together on 6/28/20

We are excited to do church together again! If you have not heard, Living Stones Church will be joining forces with TEN27 Church and bringing our church bodies together. THIS Sunday, we will have both a 9:00am and 11:00am service at the TEN27 Church, located at 36580 Penfield Ln, Winchester, CA 92596.

Here’s what you need to know before we join together face to face!

1. For Safety and compliance to State regulations we will have check-in. Here’s what we are asking of you. Before you leave for church, please do a pre-check and check-in for church. Here’s how it works:


1.    Click the following link: https://churchcheck.in/  (How-to video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WI1SHu0O0w&feature=emb_title)

2.    Create a simple profile; one family member can add all other family members.  This will take 1-2 minutes.


  1. On Sunday, when you arrive on campus you will check-in to the venue.
  2. Go to https://churchcheck.in/ and login with your phone number and 4 digit pin you created.
  3. You will enter in the venue code you see at the entry of the church.
  4. Answer the simple health screening questions.
  5. The system will give you an entry ‘fastpass’ for your family on your phone.
  6. Then an usher will escort you and your family to your seats on a first come first served basis.
  7. Enjoy and celebrate JESUS!

2. Weekend experience on campus is family-style only, NO Children’s ministry at this time. We anticipate that we may be able to relaunch Kid’s Church sooner than later, but for now, all services are family services. We welcome you to bring quiet activities to help occupy and engage your little ones during service.

3. Sanitizing. We will have our team doing an all surface sanitation process before, between, and after service throughout our campus.

4. Distancing, masks, and health. We are following the CDC guidelines to establish physical distancing at Church. Households will be seated together, otherwise our seating will honor the current social distancing guidelines. We are also asking you to protect other people’s health by refraining from hugs and handshakes. Do an air-hug or a long distance high five. Also, due to the new mandate all persons serving or attending the service will be required to wear a mask while on our church campus. If you feel sick, have a fever, or have experienced any flu-like symptoms, or symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home and join us for church online.

5. Online Service. Even though so many of us are excited about coming back to church, we know that not everyone is able to come back yet. We totally understand and support you. We will continue our online services for your convenience.

6. Let’s come back in the Spirit! I know all these details make it feel like coming to church is going to be cumbersome. I hope you’ll bear with us. In the coming days, the regulations and guidelines may lighten, and we will respond accordingly. But for now, this is us, doing our best to reopen, complying with the state CDC guidelines for your health and safety and that of others, while also creating the opportunity to come back together as the Church.

In order to make the most of this unique experience, let’s come back in the Spirit. If we come back in the Flesh, we may be tempted to come back frustrated with checking in, irritated about masks, disgruntled about not getting ‘our seat’, unhappy about waiting in a line… etc. But, if we come back in the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit will be more present.  In the Spirit, we can come back with patience for a line, if there is one. We can come back with kindness in our response to the ‘masks’ issue, and gentleness in our engagement for check-in. We can come back with self-control in responding to those with different views than ours. Let’s come back full of LOVE for each other, for the house of God, and for the people of God! We can come back full of JOY about being together again, no matter how many feet of distance there may be!

However you choose to join us for church this weekend, we know God’s presence will be with you! We are so eager to worship in Spirit as one body!!